Saturday, November 5, 2011

another KNITTING weekend!!!

*am waiting for IA hawkeyes FB game on our big screen w/knitting needles&yarn in hand,wrigley dozing on the sofa beside me & java on my sidetable!!!  couldn't be more perfect! 

*finished 2 chemo hats for 30yo neighbor who has breast cancer and going thru treatment after double mastectomy...she lost her hair... best friends with stepdaughter...she has a really positive attitude...will make more for her...she wants the turban chemo hat & will buy yarn for me to knit for her...she loved the pattern as my sd said she would ~~ i so enjoy knitting for people who really appreciate my love of knitting...

*i got my love of knitting from my Babi...(my dad's Czech mom) who i never saw/watched actually knit, but have inherited her old dpns...i still have the scarf-gloves-hat set she made me in elem school!!!

*got 75+ daffodil bulbs planted last week w/help from Regina seniors on their service day...deck/porch furniture moved into garage...door windows scraped clean of paint...  SO APPRECIATED!!!

*got paid, finally, for our season football tickets!

*am going to daily mass w/hubby...starting with ALL SAINTS DAY, Nov 1st ... also researching Catholic saints... i love St.FRANCIS of ASSISSI !!!

~NOW, WHERE ARE MY 'STICKS' & 'STRING' ??!!! ^)^ hawknitr

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