Friday, October 28, 2011


good morning!!!

  this is the BEST time of my day...early morning while it's still quiet & dark outside except for traffic slowly waking up...sitting on my sofa~java on the sidetable~wrigley asleep next to me (bless her heart for getting up early with me!)~my laptop on my lap~my latest knitting project at hand (knitting a chemo turban for a neighbor who has breast cancer)~the pendulum clock making the only sounds in the house~looking at my kitchen/great room of my new home, just amazed that i am where i am in this small, but beautiful home that my stepdaughter built for us that i could decorate with all my travel 'purchases' over the years~husband sleeping peacefully in bedroom~thanking GOD for all that is good in my life, waiting for his everyday wonder of the beautiful colors of sunrise!!!


 ^)^ hawknitr

Saturday, October 22, 2011

~~G'pa Terry's 70th with his 6+1  'treasures' on 9/1/2011~~
Miss Wrigley, Charlotte, Henry, Sam, Greta, Ethan, Evan 
laundry room curtain i knit

"loo" curtain i knit

Regina jr/seniors helping plant 75 daffodil bulbs in berms on Service Day Oct 20, 2011
Wrigley supervised!!

Regina students helped moved deck furniture to garage 10-20-11
Regina student scraping paint off Terry's office door on service day~
Fall view from great room~
infected cyst i had surgery to remove in July 2011
1st try at teaching mysefl Brioche to make reversible 2-color Hawkeye scarf (used Italian 2-color cast)
Greta's 6th Birthday ~ knit Castle pillow top and small throw!
  i finally loaded the camera card onto my laptop...  now i can add pics once in a while!

~NOW, WHERE ARE MY 'STICKS' & 'STRING' ??!!!  back to the Hawk vs Hoosier game
 ^)^ hawknitr

Friday, October 14, 2011

i am watching a BULLYING program on CNN with Anderson Cooper... Dr.Phil is talking plain's the parent's job to observe their children and stop them from bullying!!!  good for him!! one video shown on this show was on a school bus from Sioux City, IA much to my dismay... ;o(
   the bullying happening on this bus was simply disgusting, dispicable, etc!!!
now there is an app on facebook from cartoon network to take a pledge to speak up against bullying... back to fb now...

~NOW, WHERE ARE MY 'STICKS' & 'STRING' ??!!! ^)^ hawknitr


OMG!!!  my laptop just had its annual's so fast i'm in awe!!! we also got faster speed from qwest too.   natalie brought it back yesterday. her brother and husband, george, do the technical work!! she's really knowledgable so she will be my "go-to gal" from now on when i have tech questions!!  she also loved wrigley!!  even said she would 'borrow' her for her girls to play i asked if she would 'dog-sit' wrigley if we got into a bind...i could tell she loved dogs so i know wrigley would be taken care of well. 

i have taught myself  how to do the BRIOCHE stitch and am trying to start a hat in pine green/black to go with my winter coat.  temps are really getting chilly these days!  i need to make a black/gold one too to cover my 'bed hair' in the mornings when i take wrigley out.  i've had a few 'bad hair days'!!!  i love the thickness of the knitted brioche fabric and it stretches quite easily. 

~NOW, WHERE ARE MY 'STICKS' & 'STRING' ??!!! ^)^ hawknitr

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Icelandic Sheep

browsing on Ravelry hooked me up these magnificent animals in Wales...

     ^)^ hawknitr
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