Wednesday, November 30, 2011

sunny morn to music...

good sunny morning!!

   welcome to my 'simple gifts' blog!  i just added a 'music to knit by' link in upper right so you can listen while you browse.  it's mostly by artist...i have yet to shuffle the order.

and my 1st blog, (g'ma's grapevine) link is there also...i cannot add to it since we changed providers and cannot access the 'dashboard' for it where the 'construction elements' are... that makes me sad ;(

 ^)^ hawknitr

Sunday, November 27, 2011

new look...

i changed my blog design this morning around 2am!!!  i kept browsing & found more gadgets & designs to try!  i love this WiseMen background to complement my 'simple gifts' theme.   the wise men were traveling to present gifts to the baby Jesus!  i love knitting for my family, friends & charity...i just don't have enough hours in each day when i have to 'frog' & 'redo'!!!  i'm trying teach myself how to knit a brioche hat in the round...having to go to my knit friend, Ann, for help!  why can't my brain assimilate this pattern??!!  it's at the 'join' where it doesn't come out right...back to CrazyGirl for more help from Ann...she worked on it last night &, of course, figured it out!! i'm constantly tired, so i'm sure my brain just isn't working 'up-to-par'!! not that i'm 60!!!   i apologize if my blog is difficult to read with this WiseMen background...

^)^ hawknitr

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wrigley...I love you sweetie!!

Wrigley, this is for you... 
                                                          A Dog's Soul
.....Every dog must have a soul Somewhere deep inside Where all his hurts and grievances Are buried with his pride Where he decides the good and bad The wrong way from the right And where his judgement carefully Is hidden from our sight A dog must have a secret place Where every thought abides A sort of close acquaintance that He trusts in and confides And ...when accuse...d unjustly for himself,he cannot speak Rebuked,he finds within his soul The comfort he must seek He'll love tho' he is unloved And he'll serve ,tho' badly used And one kind word will wipe away The time's when he's abused Although his heart may break in two His love will still be whole Because God gave to every dog An understanding soul. (Clara Elton Sharp's)

Wrigley, your rescheduled 'spa day' is tomorrow!! bath, trim, pampering by Martha!!!  


^)^ hawknitr

sleepy sunday...

sleeping dog, sleeping husband...

~NOW, WHERE ARE MY 'STICKS' & 'STRING' ??!!! ^)^ hawknitr

      ...more java, please!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Regina Regals win!!!


my husband & i went to a special mass last night @ St.Pat's Catholic Church for the Regina Regals as they prepare for the State 2A Football Championship game today.  it was the 1st time we had attended mass in the new church (destroyed by a tornado in '09).   and they won today 24 - 20 over Spirit Lake!!!  and J.Vollstedt was named MVP!!! 

~NOW, WHERE ARE MY 'STICKS' & 'STRING' ??!!! ^)^ hawknitr

Thursday, November 17, 2011

fun stuff ;)

good morning!
    i've been playing around here since i finished the baby blue 'edward' sweater for my eyeDr... it's a raglan basketweave ... so cute for a baby boy!!  but i think, time-consuming to knit!  no holes as in lace so every little stitch on #3 & #4's takes times with baby sportweight yarn!!
    since i cannot get back to my original blog's dashboard, i am starting to add widgets again here.  it's a good refresher on navigating around on blogspot!
~NOW, WHERE ARE MY 'STICKS' & 'STRING' ??!!! ^)^ hawknitr

Saturday, November 5, 2011

another KNITTING weekend!!!

*am waiting for IA hawkeyes FB game on our big screen w/knitting needles&yarn in hand,wrigley dozing on the sofa beside me & java on my sidetable!!!  couldn't be more perfect! 

*finished 2 chemo hats for 30yo neighbor who has breast cancer and going thru treatment after double mastectomy...she lost her hair... best friends with stepdaughter...she has a really positive attitude...will make more for her...she wants the turban chemo hat & will buy yarn for me to knit for her...she loved the pattern as my sd said she would ~~ i so enjoy knitting for people who really appreciate my love of knitting...

*i got my love of knitting from my Babi...(my dad's Czech mom) who i never saw/watched actually knit, but have inherited her old dpns...i still have the scarf-gloves-hat set she made me in elem school!!!

*got 75+ daffodil bulbs planted last week w/help from Regina seniors on their service day...deck/porch furniture moved into garage...door windows scraped clean of paint...  SO APPRECIATED!!!

*got paid, finally, for our season football tickets!

*am going to daily mass w/hubby...starting with ALL SAINTS DAY, Nov 1st ... also researching Catholic saints... i love St.FRANCIS of ASSISSI !!!

~NOW, WHERE ARE MY 'STICKS' & 'STRING' ??!!! ^)^ hawknitr
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