Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wrigley...I love you sweetie!!

Wrigley, this is for you... 
                                                          A Dog's Soul
.....Every dog must have a soul Somewhere deep inside Where all his hurts and grievances Are buried with his pride Where he decides the good and bad The wrong way from the right And where his judgement carefully Is hidden from our sight A dog must have a secret place Where every thought abides A sort of close acquaintance that He trusts in and confides And ...when accuse...d unjustly for himself,he cannot speak Rebuked,he finds within his soul The comfort he must seek He'll love tho' he is unloved And he'll serve ,tho' badly used And one kind word will wipe away The time's when he's abused Although his heart may break in two His love will still be whole Because God gave to every dog An understanding soul. (Clara Elton Sharp's)

Wrigley, your rescheduled 'spa day' is tomorrow!! bath, trim, pampering by Martha!!!  


^)^ hawknitr

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