Friday, October 28, 2011


good morning!!!

  this is the BEST time of my day...early morning while it's still quiet & dark outside except for traffic slowly waking up...sitting on my sofa~java on the sidetable~wrigley asleep next to me (bless her heart for getting up early with me!)~my laptop on my lap~my latest knitting project at hand (knitting a chemo turban for a neighbor who has breast cancer)~the pendulum clock making the only sounds in the house~looking at my kitchen/great room of my new home, just amazed that i am where i am in this small, but beautiful home that my stepdaughter built for us that i could decorate with all my travel 'purchases' over the years~husband sleeping peacefully in bedroom~thanking GOD for all that is good in my life, waiting for his everyday wonder of the beautiful colors of sunrise!!!


 ^)^ hawknitr

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