Saturday, October 22, 2011

~~G'pa Terry's 70th with his 6+1  'treasures' on 9/1/2011~~
Miss Wrigley, Charlotte, Henry, Sam, Greta, Ethan, Evan 
laundry room curtain i knit

"loo" curtain i knit

Regina jr/seniors helping plant 75 daffodil bulbs in berms on Service Day Oct 20, 2011
Wrigley supervised!!

Regina students helped moved deck furniture to garage 10-20-11
Regina student scraping paint off Terry's office door on service day~
Fall view from great room~
infected cyst i had surgery to remove in July 2011
1st try at teaching mysefl Brioche to make reversible 2-color Hawkeye scarf (used Italian 2-color cast)
Greta's 6th Birthday ~ knit Castle pillow top and small throw!
  i finally loaded the camera card onto my laptop...  now i can add pics once in a while!

~NOW, WHERE ARE MY 'STICKS' & 'STRING' ??!!!  back to the Hawk vs Hoosier game
 ^)^ hawknitr

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