Monday, September 19, 2011

... a simple knitting blog ...

~it is a simple & gold since i live in "HAWKEYE" country! 

~i am a daily visitor to and       ~i had a blog on my mchsi email before we moved, but cannot access the dashboard to keep it going, so started this new one!  you can still view it:  called ~ g'ma's grapevine ~  

~i knit everywhere ... in public, in private, and take it with me always! it's so much more travel-friendly than my quilting was.  i am obsessed with lace: shawls/stoles, socks, curtains, sweaters(baby & adult), hats/scarves are some of my projects. i also love fairisle(2/multi-color) Christmas stockings...i made one for each of my 6 g'kids several years ago.

~my obsession with knitting is shared with my knitting budde, CINDY, whom i try to knit with at least once a week during her lunchhour.  it's handy that there is a little yarn shop, Home Ec, just a block away from her office!!! she is my 'bkff' ~ best knitting friend forever!!  

~my little 4-legged companion, Wrigley (a brown,white,black shihTzu) sits with me while i knit.  since i am retired from band-directing(33 yrs) i have a LOT more time to spend on my obsession!

~my husband, TERRY, is really understanding, but i doubt he really understands this obsession with creating something artistic, the challenge of figuring out a lace pattern, the perseverence it takes from beginning to end of a project, the joy of gift-giving, & lastly, that i like to keep my hands busy!!  (i used to play instruments along with all my band lessons when i taught!)  since terry is a avid sports-minded retiree from teaching/coaching/principaling we watch a LOT of sports!  GREAT KNITTING TIME!!!    


^)^ hawknitr

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