Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mother Nature cooperates!!

YEA!!!  Mother Nature is cooperating with me!!  we had our lawn mowed, raked the thatch out, and reseeded this week.  i am supposed to water it regularly, so i was out this morning, faithfully, w/the hose, watering by hand sprinkler the areas that were often neglected by the sprinkler this summer.  then, after i did the hard-to-reach spots i hooked the sprinkler up for larger areas and the dark clouds i was watching finally starting releasing their load of moisture!!!  YEA!!  rain water is so much better than hose water anyday!!  so Wrigley, who sat quietly in front of the front door, except when the neighbor walked by w/her two labs, and i went out in the sprinkling rain and pulled/wound the hose up!  she is such a great help to me outside!! NOT
but i can't leave her in the house w/gpa because she barks a high pitch squeal that give gpa a headache!! she's such a 'gma's girl'!! 

so now, i can stay in and knit today!!  i finished the little baby blue designer 'monkey' socks and spiral hat for susan's gift.  we stay w/Young kids tonight so i can take them over then along with henry's bday card. 

gpa started walking home from church yesterday while i was knitting @ homeEc w/cindy...i picked him up quite a distance from church...good exercise for him...1/2 hr walk! i don't think he's going to walk today! it's actually really chilly, esp w/rain!!  i had to wear a jacket while i was watering the lawn! YEA! i love this cool weather...i cannot stand hot, humid summer weather ;-(   i'll take winter anyday over summer... gentle snow falling, anything baking in the oven, fireplace on, my java, and knitting something lacey beside the window's view! what could be better?!!!  right now, our backyard is the Hickory Hill Park and the trees are beginning to change...even the old, somewhat ugly tree is looking dramatically will become gorgeous soon!!  it's odd shape resembles one you think of on a Halloween scene!!


 ^)^ hawknitr

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