Monday, September 26, 2011

rainy day antics!!

hi!  it's a cold, windy, rainy day here in Hawkeye country!! an absolutely GREAT day for knitting!!  if i ever get off this computer i'll return to my 'baby Monkey' socks and 'twist rib' baby hat i'm making for susan's (my stepdaughter) friend who just had a baby boy. one sock is finished, but 3-6 mo size looks huge!

my shihTzu, Wrigley, just brought me a throw pillow from across the great room that is as big as she is!!  if i could have frozen a moment in time, that would have been it!  with her little tail waggin' and rearend wiggle as she was pushing the pillow across the tile floor!!  just a priceless moment in my memory now!! of course, this is all because g'pa just got home and she gets so excited!  this morning she literally 'drug' him by the corner of his robe thru the house...she is reverting to her olde 'puppy' play!!  and she is a strong dog, just having reached her 1st birthday July 28!  we went for a walk last night and just made it back to the house before the menacing clouds let loose with the rain!  she's a great walker...brisk, fast pace that i have to keep up with!!

i just emailed a few classmates from my graduating class that were included in the set of pics sent to me from the reunion this summer that i could not attend.  i only recognized a FEW folks, many more were 'strangers' to me!! it will be great to renew a few friendships from my hometown.  i hope a few of them are on Facebook too.

i am on a yarn budget this year...knitting from my stash w/o buying new yarn.  i'm doing pretty well at getting my baskets of yarn condensed.  i finished a baby blanket out of Wiggles (white acrylic with pastel thread loops throughout).  the neighbor down the street has a nanny who i've met recently while she waits for the school bus to drop off her 2nd child she is nanny to.  her last day was last friday as she is expecting her 1st child this winter!!  so i ran into the house and grabbed the blanket and it was her 1st baby blanket gift!!  it felt good to give!! 

i finished painting two steel doors in the garage.  the one into the house shows all the brush strokes, so may need some touchup.  i was hurrying too much to get done... ;-(


^)^ hawknitr

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