Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gift to my Heart ~

yes, another giving heart ~

thank you to
for delivering 2 sacks of yarn to

St.Mary's IC Prayer Shawl Ministry

i'm pleased to hear her mother,
(whom i worked with @ Prairie for many years)
is being comforted by the
WHITE  Cross Prayer Shawl

she is in my prayers as i knit the next shawl
May God grant her warmth and comfort
and peace in her heart.

 ^)^ hawknitr


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

I always get a giggle from your phrase 'sticks & string'.

What a blessing you are to so many with those very sticks and string!

hawknitr13 said...

thank you Caroline, for bringing me more of your mother's yarn 7/18. i will always keep her in my heart...
knitting more prayer shawls for others and knowing she wanted it with her at the end. thank you for telling me your experiences with your mother...i will treasure those thoughts and memories always. linda

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