Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good Morning!!

it is another BLESSED morning with frost covering the trees and ground. it crunched under Wrigley's paws as she searched for the spot on the way to the new fire station down the street to do her 'thing'! when she has to go, she pulls hard at her leash, in a hurry to get there! i bundle up as if there is a terrific blizzard...i never know exactly how cold i will get, how far she will want to trot down the street or how long it will take us every morning! i know when we come in i will have my java waiting by my recliner and fireplace, if needed! i sometimes sit in dim lights sipping my java, slowly waking up fully so i can either read emails/blogs/facebook/ravelry or pick up my latest knitting project to knit in the quiet of the morning while my husband slumbers.  Wrigley has gobbled her a.m. 'treat', taken a drink of water and nestled at my feet to fall back asleep.  only that i could go back to get my full 8hrs of slumber!  i keep my laptop on a little stand beside my chair, opened up to THE BLESSED HEARTH where i have found an excellent playlist of Christian music! i keep it playing while i  compute or knit or just sit and appreciate God, my family, my friends and my life.  my husband's daughter built our new home, helped me choose cabinets, granite, tile, etc. i'm proud to say i recycled some items(kitchen sink,glass-paned office,etc).  a little 'character' helps save the earth! my theme is a touch of Italian, with lace(my favorite knitting element) and stone(my love of Colorado mountains).  Italian decor reminds me of our 3 trips to Europe(Italy & Switzerland being my favorite countries) -  the Vatican and Collesium my favorites.  i thank God that my husband has been so good to me to provide for my needs & this 'retirement' home! i sincerely try to please people, always being flexible to help whenever needed. and now i can begin to practice my 'gardening' again...daylilies(Walnut Hill), iris(Schreiners), perennials/shrubs/herbs(Pleasant Valley).  i have my favorite nurseries, you see! and my St.Fransic of Assissi statue by the front door to welecome me home! and, oh, the gorgeous sunrises that i can watch each morning as the dark peach at the horizon blends lighter into the blue sky! from my recliner i can watch that transformation as i knit!! so, you see, my mornings are my favored part of my day!!

^)^ hawknitr

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