Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jim...

I asked my wife if this status was appropriate. She said it was, and she is usually right.. Jan.5th today would have been my son's 47th birthday if he had lived. He passed away 10 years ago. He will be remembered by many . He went to Highland schools until 6th grade. The family then moved to Coralville in 1975, He graduated from Regina High School in1983. No better than an average stude...nt, much like his Dad. Unlike his Dad he was a very good athlete. Playing multiple sports for the Regals. Went to Muscatine JC and played baseball. Advised by Cincinnati scout to pick a secondary position, that was easy, shortstop or 3rd base.
He lost an eye before he could realize his and his Dad"s dream. Regardless of his continued desire there isn't much demand for a one eyed catcher. He surely would have made low A ball at least. He hit 401 in JC.
We attended many games together after that he still loved the game. He was a Cub fan, don't know how that happened. He was buried with a Regal and a Cub banner draped over his casket. I know a number of people some classmates friends who have lost adult children. It isn't supposed to be that way. We all have the same feeling, you never get over the hurt, but it does get different. Some who read this may have known Jim. Others might be grieving a loss as well. I would ask any of you to take a few seconds and offer a short prayer for the repose of his soul and that God grant him eternal life. His earthly family Is myself, his Mother Sandy Rupnow, my wife Linda his step mom and his two sisters Teresa Suchomel and Susan Bowton Young helped a great deal to pull me through this bad time. I will be eternally greatful. Happy Birthday Son.  DAD

~NOW, WHERE ARE MY 'STICKS' & 'STRING' ??!!! ^)^ hawknitr

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Moriah Sella said...

Sorry to hear about Jim...Maybe it sounds different but what I believe is that souls reborn in this world because they need to correct something in themselves before they go to heaven. Each soul has its own target and when they exposed to life and all the temptations - some loose and forget the reason why they came back and what they have to correct. When we see someone close to us passes away at the young age and we don't really understand why - We have to remember that it is because their souls achieved their target and left to heaven. If during our life we made more mistakes then we will come back again to correct ourselves until we pure in front of the God. And because Eve ate from the fruit and we wanted to "know" - this is why it always will be hard for us and painful because we know what love is, what missing is... The pain will never go away, and the only thing we can do is to believe.

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